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New game released!

Hey! I've been working on a game called "OMG, The Ground Is Falling!", and the game actually got a Desura release. It's going to be released on the 18th of June this year, and I'm really excited about it.

The game is a platformer. The premise is that,  every block your character steps on falls, and you have to use the falling blocks to kil lthe enemies in order to advance to the next stage. You can check the game's GameJolt page here: http://gamejolt.com/dashboard/developer/games/view/45990/

You can download the latest version there as well. As soon as the game gets an official release, I'll put it here as well. :)

CastleForge development has ceased.

Whew, it sure has been a long time since I last updated my website. A lot of things happened in my life. Well, without any ado, I'll explain why I ceased the development for this game.

 The main reason for ceasing it is because I came to a creative block. The game wasn't going as I expected it to, gameplay was kinda boring and I didn't know what to include anymore. It was being massively tiring for me. As for that, my first intention by making this game was to have fun myself, and that was not happening. All that I kept in my mind was "I gotta finish the game", but I had no idea of what would I add next, and random features would make the game seem unfinished as a full release, and that would suck a lot. 

Also, I kinda promised myself not to make another game before I taught myself to really code in real languages. MMF2 felt buggy and clunky as I made the game (It's a good tool, perhaps I wasn't good enough with MMF2, and in no way it has let me down, but the game was clunky and buggy sometimes and I couldn't find where were my mistakes). I'm planning to remake this game and release it as a full game when I've done so.  

The full devlog is still disponible in the link below. I won't remove the Beta from the internet, so you all are still free to play it whenever you want to. I'm also thinking of releasing the "code" in the internet so people can play around with the engine, and even make it a better game, perhaps. But still thinking.


 My last work was a remastered version of Mafagafo Killing Center, with an improved engine and some extra features such as a clock-based high-score and a saving engine. I also ported it to 32-bit Linux, and it is disponible to download at the Ubuntu Software Center. I may add it to download here later on.

 Anyways, I think I will stop game-making for a while. I don't know for how long, but for now I'm done with it. I hope you all have enjoyed my small career, as much as you enjoyed my games. It was fun to do it all, and I appreciate every little "hey-your-games-are-pretty-cool-you-have-talent" commentary, even if they were few.

Thanks, you all. All my games are still here, free to play and share. :)


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