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A Brief Story (updated).

Well, I guess... This is the first time I'm writing something about my life outside school. It's kinda hard to think about what to write. So, I've been born on day 29/06/1996, in Brazil. Since I was a kid, I always loved videogames. I Never had many money, and my brothers used to own a Super Nintendo. I used to love playing with it - Super Bomberman, Super Mario World, Mortal Kombat, Act Raiser and some other games I don't remember were my favourites. When I was 9, I first heard about Click n' Create,a  program that gave the user the ability to create games without knowing any programming language. I was shocked, and started searching for that magic tool. That's when I met The Games Factory.

I got to know the basics of the tool, but never really made anything as big as I did today as I was only a kid, and had not great knowledge of maths, and so less on physics. My games sucked big time.

Well, if you do not have epilepsy, and if you are brave enough, you can test the first game I ever released. It's called "Megaman Lost in the Cyberspace". At the time I made it, I tought that it was the greatest thing ever done. Now I realize how bad it is. You may download it here:


I made tons of small games, but never got to release any of them. I had tons of fun with that.

After some considerable time, I started making games again. At the time, I was 13. With my growing maths knowledge by my side, it was way too easier to do it. That's when I drew a funny orange little cute creature, wich had no name. It looked like this:

It remembered me of Domo-kun, that cute brown creature that pulls the audience in Japanese TV. I tought over my creature, made it brown, and it is now the Mafagafo you guys already know, if you have played my game. The initial plan for that game, was for it to have 50 stages and to be in portuguese, but friends have told me to make a 15 stages game so people would like to play a second game. And so I did it. Well, it was a great idea, because it would take to much for me to do it -- and if people has difficulties with level 3, how are they supposed to get to level 15? hehe.

I was always a big fan of zombies, and by searching for new games I stumbled upon "I MA3D A GAEM WITH ZOMBIES INIT!!1!". I tought it was a great game and started worknig on a game that looked like it. And so was born Zombie Arena. In the beginning, the game's name was supposed to be "Square Zombie Shooting", because all the characters where only squares. It was funny. Friends told me to make actual characters, it wasn't fun to play with squares. I don't think I have the "SZS" first version, but I'd love to, just to remember about the beggining.

Now I'm 17, and has ceased making games for now. I'm looking forward for a career in music. I have vastly enjoyed the time I spent making games and look forward to make yet another game. But for now I'll just keep my road in music.

Thanks for reading!


This is me, by the way.




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